START UP ASSISTANCE – Flower Tent will help you get your tent set up and your business up and running. Flower Tent has a “set up team” that will assist you in getting your location up and running each season.

FINDING A LOCATION – The Flower Tent team will help you find a great location and locate your business in the most effective location.

VENDOR RELATIONSHIPS – In over 20 Years of Business, Flower Tent has negotiated vendor agreements that will provide discounted pricing and solid strategic partnerships for you.

INVENTORY MANAGEMENT – Flower Tent will work with you to help you manage your inventory and structure your business for profitability.

MARKETING POWER – The Flower Tent franchise system has a strong marketing focus and works with each of the franchisees to develop regional advertising campaigns. Flower Tent does a large amount of television marketing, social media marketing and other branding work to maximize revenue potential.

TELEVISION ADVERTISING – Each year, the Flower Tent runs a series of commercials and marketing campaigns to generate and build awareness for the different locations. We can do this because of the size of the Flower Tent family and that each location contributes to a marketing fund.